Bundaberg Region Planning Scheme Project

The first Planning Scheme for the Bundaberg Region since amalgamation is the most significant planning project to be undertaken by Bundaberg Regional Council.  This project made significant progress during 2013.  A major milestone for the project was the submission of the Draft Scheme to the State Government in August 2013.

Bundaberg Regional Council has received numerous comments from the Department of State Development Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP) on the initial August 2013 Draft Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme.  Council has been working through these comments with relevant stakeholders, with some parts of the draft planning scheme requiring substantial changes to the format and structure. 

The Strategic Planning Team resubmitted the Draft Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme to DSDIP on 23 May 2014 for final review before the State can issue approval to commence public notification. 

The Strategic Planning Team hopes to be in a position to commence Public Notification around August/September 2014.  It is at this point that Council will be notifying all residents of the region, through our website, social media, television, radio and press of the proposed public consultation activities, as well as releasing the Draft Planning Scheme and mapping online for review. 


The new planning scheme will replace the following four planning schemes that currently operate within the Bundaberg Region:

  • Bundaberg City Plan 2004
  • Burnett Shire Planning Scheme 2006
  • Kolan Shire Planning Scheme 2006
  • Isis Shire Planning Scheme 2007

Planning Schemes Generally

A planning scheme is a statutory document that manages land use and development in a Local Government area. 

The new planning scheme must be prepared in accordance with relevant State Planning Legislation, achieve consistency with the Queensland Planning Provisions and must reflect the of the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan.

The State Government has also prepared Statutory Guideline 02/09.  This legislation sets out the minimum requirements which must be followed by a Local Government when preparing a new planning scheme.

Project Objectives

The objectives of the Bundaberg Region Planning Scheme Project are:

  1. To produce a single, integrated planning scheme that regulates development across the whole of the Bundaberg Region.
  2. To produce a planning scheme that is simple and easy to use and administer.
  3. To comprehensively address the expectations of the community.
  4. To achieve compliance with the State legislation, the Queensland Planning Provisions and the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan. 

Project Timeframe

The new planning scheme timeframe is flexible due to the feedback required from many different stakeholders that have an input into the scheme. 

The scheme timeframe is constantly being reviewed but the intention is to have the scheme on, or completed notification by June 2014 and adopted by the end of 2014. 

Project Stages and Work Programme

There are 3 stages involved in the preparation of the new planning scheme as shown below.  We are currently in Stage 3 (Planning Scheme drafting, consultation and adoption)

Stage 3 of the project involves, but is not limited to, the following key activities:

  • Drafting of zones, codes, mapping and policies
  • Workshops with stakeholders; including State Government Agencies
  • Submission of Planning Scheme to the State Government for review
  • Review of comments from the State Government; and
  • Public notification and adoption
In previous stages, the following activities were undertaken: 

Stage 1 of the project was completed in April 2011 and involved the following key activities:

  • preparation of a consultation and communications plan
  • preliminary targeted community and stakeholder engagement
  • review of existing planning strategies and studies
  • review of existing planning schemes
  • identification of additional information required to inform planning scheme
  • identification of key policy issues requiring address in planning scheme
  • identify areas requiring more detailed local planning, and
  • preparation of planning scheme scoping study to inform subsequent project stages

Stage 2 of the project involves the following key activities:

  • continued targeted community and stakeholder engagement
  • hold a series of community workshops - please see below if you wish to be part of these workshops
  • engage key State agency stakholders 

Community Engagement - How do I have my say?

Council currently has a Community Reference Group (CRG) with a broad range of members - from environmental groups, healthcare industry, cane and small crop farmers to developers.  The CRG has informed the direction of the scheme to date. 

Council will undertake wider community and stakeholder engagement activities once the scheme is approved by the Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning to go to public consultation. 

Register your interest

Please complete our online form to join the project database, receive invitations to future consultation events and be kept up to date.

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Attend an 'Our Place - Our Plan' Community Workshop in your local area

A series of community workshops will be held in Stage 3 of the project to provide opportunities for public input into the planning strategies for the region.  These 'Our Place - Our Plan' workshops will be locality based with an emphasis on coastal, central urban and rural town settings.

Further details regarding community workshops will be publihsed in the future.  Please provide your email address above to receive a direct invitation, or continue to watch this page for times and locations. 

Project Newsletters



Project Newsletter No 1» provides further introductory information about the Bundaberg Region Planning Scheme Project.

Further Newsletters will be published as the project progresses. 

Project Newsletter No 2» provides further information in relation to the current stage of the Bundaberg Region Planning Scheme Project




For further information about the Bundaberg Region Planning Scheme Project please email planning.scheme@bundaberg.qld.gov.au or contact Council's call centre on 1300 883 699.